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Save the Date: Feb 4th CTBLN Meeting Accommodating Individuals with Depression, Anxiety and PTSD

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CTBLN is pleased to announce the sponsorship by Prudential Retirement of its successful Accommodations Series in 2016.
On February 4, 2016, from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., at the NEAT Marketplace, 33 Coventry Street in Hartford,CTBLN will hold the first of its 2016 meetings: Accommodating Individuals with Depression, Anxiety and PTSD. Remi Kyek, Vice President of Mental Health Connecticut will explain each of these conditions, how they affect the individual who is experiencing them, how to accommodate these individuals so they can successfully fulfill the essential requirements of their jobs and most importantly how to create a mental health friendly workplace. A continental breakfast will be served. 
The program will begin with an introductory video produced by Prudential, our sponsor, which describes an employee’s experience with depression and a few words from Deborah Hopper, Prudential’s Vice President of Human Resources on best practices for working with individuals with Depression, Anxiety and PTSD.
Admission is $10.00 for members and $15.00 for those who have not yet become members. RSVP to Sharon Denson by phone at 860-561-1232 or by email at
There is a stigma surrounding mental health disabilities. The depiction of individuals with mental health disabilities in the media adds to misunderstanding and fear among employers and reticence among employees who have these disabilities. We can easily relate to these disabilities. All of us have experienced sadness surrounding events in our lives, worry about situations or loved ones and vivid reminders of past situations.
RSVP now for this life-changing session in the CTBLN Accommodations Series by calling Sharon Denson at 860-561-1232 or by email at Admission is $10.00 for members and $15.00 for those who have not yet joined CTBLN. You can make a difference!
About CTBLN’s Accommodations Series: CTBLN’s 2016 Accommodations Series, sponsored by Prudential Retirement, is designed to be an educational experience which will help you design a workplace inclusive of individuals with many types of disabilities including wounded warriors. You will learn about the disability, its effects on the individual and appropriate accommodations which will help that individual reach their highest potential. Future meetings will include information about Cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, Heart Disease and more. CTBLN is pleased to have Prudential as a sponsor. They are long time members and supporters of CTBLN’s mission. Their Diversity and Inclusion team are on the cutting edge of best practices in the recruiting, hiring and retaining of individuals with disabilities. We look forward to growing our partnership and learning from each other’s successes.
Please note that joining CTBLN is always a winning proposition as you can take advantage of many services and supports which we offer to companies which want to diversify their workforces to include people with disabilities. Informative meetings, peer support, networking and training are some of the benefits of becoming a part of the CTBLN family. To join click on the membership link on this website.