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2022 Inclusion Infusion Awards

Posted in: Employers

The Inclusion Infusion Awards go to companies/partners which have created an environment of inclusion and a sense of belonging for their employee. This environment has been created by

  • development of a successful disability Employee Resource Council/Group
  • actively engaging with disability hiring organizations (state agencies, service providers, etc.)
  • hosting internal events supporting disability inclusion
  • a commitment by the leadership of the organization to support Inclusion Infusion in their workplace.

This Inclusion Infusion environment leads not only to greater employee satisfaction but to career growth for employees with disabilities, longer employee retention and a greater return on investment for these inclusive employers.

Creating an environment of Inclusion is the ultimate goal of any business seeking to tap into the often overlooked pool of talent represented by qualified job seekers with disabilities.

In 2022, we are proudly to recognized the following employers with the 2022 Disability:IN Connecticut Inclusion Infusion Award:

Advance Auto




CW Resources