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Join us for our March 18, 2022 Program: Disability Inclusion and the War for Talent

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Disability Inclusion and the War for Talent

We are experiencing a generational work shortage due to the retirement of the Baby Boom generation. There are not enough workers in succeeding generations to replace the workers in that generation who are retiring.  The pandemic and the changes in the workplace which have resulted from the pandemic have exacerbated and accelerated this change as workers who are nearing retirement age are concerned about these changes and are deciding to retire earlier than they had planned. Trends like the “big quit” are causing older workers to question whether it is worth the aggravation to stay on the job until time when they had planned to retire.  There are a staggering number of open positions in businesses throughout Connecticut with certain sectors like manufacturing struggling to replace their retiring workers.  Smart business leaders recognize that recruiting qualified diverse talent including job seekers with disabilities can be an important strategy for winning the war for talent.

How can your business tap into the talent of people with disabilities? What steps can you take to make disability inclusion a part of your recruiting strategy?

On March 18th Sharon Denson, the Executive Director of Disability: IN Connecticut will share 5 simple steps that you can take which will help your business connect with qualified talent with disabilities so that your business can tap into this hidden pool of qualified talent.  The common-sense information in these proven best practices will help your business as you recruit, onboard and retain qualified workers with disabilities no matter where your business is in the Disability Inclusion journey.  These steps are based on the experiences of businesses in Connecticut which have created highly successful and replicable Disability Inclusion initiatives.

You will learn:

  • The benefits of creating a disability inclusive workplace
  • How to make disability inclusion part of your strategy for winning the war for talent
  • The best first steps for your business to take in your disability inclusion strategy
  • How you can start today

Join us on March 18th at 10:00 a.m. for this important webinar. To register please click on the following link: