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In Case You Missed Our September 9, 2021 Program: Many Happy Returns: Proven Best Practices from Essential Businesses

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On September 9th, we hosted our fourth webinar in the “Success Leaves Clues” series of virtual programs, “Many Happy Returns: Proven Best Practices from Essential Businesses”.

We have survived the trauma of a global pandemic and we are finally able to envision a return to some semblance of normalcy in both our personal and professional lives. Many adults in the United States are fully vaccinated and as business leaders, we are looking to the future and plans to bring our workers back to the office or our workers have already returned to their offices.

However, just as we are returning to some semblance of normal and our employees are returning to our workplaces, we are faced with new and more contagious variants of Covid 19.

Covid cases are rising and some fear that we will face another business shutdown.

In this webinar Marc Senia from the Walgreens Distribution Center and Sandra Lavoy of CW Resources shared how they were able to successfully remain open during the height of the pandemic.

They provided essential goods and services and never shut their doors.

In this timely and important webinar, Marc and Sandie shared:

  • Proven best practices for making your workplace as safe as possible for your employees including those with disabilities?
  • How to accomplish this goal when many of your employees are people with disabilities who might need accommodations?
  • How you can effectively address the concerns of your employees while helping them comply with the rules necessary to prevent the spread of Covid 19 in your workplace.

Check out the links below to the PowerPoint presentations shared during our webinar.

Many thanks Marc Senia and Sandra Lavoy for this outstanding program.

The presentations are here:

Many Happy Returns Sept 9th Sandie Lavoy presentation

Walgreens – Navigating Covid-19- Marc Senia Presentation

In Case You Missed It-2021 Annual Meeting Save the Date Web Article

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