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Events Offered by our Speakers

On June 17, 2021, we had a wonderful virtual presentation on Many Happy Returns: Mental Health Best Practices “New Better” Workplace. Details on that event are located here:  

It was an extraordinary presentation with so much actionable knowledge provided in a very short period of time.  Presenter Steve Crimando received accolades and numerous requests for additional related content from this presentation (given to us and to other organizations). He has put together a series of his more popular trainings. On July 7, he launched a Summer Institute on Human Factors that features 8 one-hour classes on various behavioral-based workplace topics. His company also offers a certificate for anyone interested in all 8 classes. The classes are live and recorded – they can be viewed either way (one has already occurred as of the publication of this notice, but it also is available as a recording).  Classes are nominally priced and the series includes a substantial discount from individual prices.

A full description of the program is at:

Steve’s Contact Information:

Behavioral Science Applications LLC

Phone: (973) 601-7222






To register for this webinar, please click on the link below: