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Join Disability:IN Connecticut

Connecticut businesses now recognize that people with disabilities are an untapped resource, and realize that it makes good business sense to hire a qualified person with a disability. Faced with impending labor shortages as the workforce ages, employers often struggle to attract and retain qualified, motivated employees.  Since one in five Americans has a disability, people with disabilities represent the largest pool of talented prospective employees in today’s labor market and an important customer base.

Disability:IN Connecticut Annual Membership Dues

1. Corporate membership (corporations 50 employees or over) $1,000.00
2. Corporate membership (under 50 employees) $500.00
3. Non-profit organizations $150.00*
4. Individuals $50.00*
5. Students $15.00*
6. Federal, State Agency, Municipality Free

Select your membership level below and join today.

Membership Options

*Dues may be waived based on hardship. Requests must be made to the Board of Directors.

**Government Agencies may join the Disability:IN Connecticut at no cost. All Federal, State, and Municipal Agencies please join here.